Q1. How long can I run my mix head?

It depends on the application that you company does but a mix head kept too long in service without inspection and repair can cause foaming within lines and components and costly downtime.

Q2. Do I need a Return Authorization Number when sending in a mix head?

No, but it would be helpful if you printed the Customer Return Form for Mix Head from the Brochure and Form Section of our web site. By completing this form you are helping our technicians service you faster, when reviewing your mix head.

Q3. What is your mix head repair quoting process?

When we receive your mix head we check it into our system, disassemble and clean. When this is completed we do the inspection and quote, at this time you will be notified of the cost and repairs will begin when a purchase order is received. We have a $150.00 cleaning and inspection fee if the mix head is returned, no repair.

Q4. How much time does a mix head repair take?

To reseal a mix head is 10 days or less, a standard repair is 15 days or less and a special repair will be specified on the quote.

Q5. What are the signs that my mix head needs repair?

Many signs of mix head failure are unmistakable. Cross contamination of chemical and hydraulic lines. Oil and chemical leaks from nozzles. Sticking or broken pistons. Other signs are less obvious. Failing or incorrectly applied mix head components can cause other process problems; such are inconsistent operating pressures, chemical waste and high scrape rates.

Q6. If we have a problem after hours is there a way to get help?

In establishing a relationship you will be given our sales staff cell number and someone will return your call in a timely manner.

Q7. What kind of mix heads and pumps do you repair?

We repair all different kinds of mix heads and pumps, our own Tri-Tilt’s, Cannon, Hi-Tech, Konal, EMB, Hennecke, Kauris Maffei, Linden, DUT and Rexroth pumps.

Q8. Where do you accept mix heads from?

We accept mix heads from all over the world. We are located in Michigan but we accept mix heads from overseas.

Q9. What industries are mix heads used for?

Mix heads can be used in any reaction injection molding project. Industries that utilize mix heads include: furniture, sports, automotive, construction, agricultural, aerospace, refrigeration, and more.

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