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MHR specializes in mix head repair of straight style mix heads, and the repair of L-Style mix heads, used for Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), Structural Reaction Injection Molding (SRIM) and Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding (RRIM). We also sell replacement parts for your mix heads. MHR distributes high pressure mix heads used to make polyurethane, chemical metering pumps that supply mix heads, magnetic drive couplers for chemical metering pumps, flow meters to measure the chemicals components being pumped.

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Chemical Pumps

New and Repaired Rexroth, Rotary Power, and more!

Magnetic Drive Couplers & Flow Meters

MHR’s line of Magnetic Drive Couplers & Flow Meters

Metering Lines (RIM)

High Pressure Metering Systems

Mix Heads

MHR Mix Heads

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