VSE Precision Flow Meters

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VSE flow measurement equipment is used worldwide in technical process plant in the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, paints, and inks, hydraulic and automotive industries, as well as for 2K technology.

VSE Flow Meter Brochure


High Precision Flow – Measurement for Special Customized Applications

Applications: All liquids that can be pumped and have known lubrication properties can be measured. Including:

  • Petrol
  • parafin
  • kerosene
  • diesel
  • Skydrol
  • mineral oils
  • hydraulic oils

VS Series Features:

  • Flow Measurement
  • Precision Dosing
  • Hydraulic System
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Open / Closed Loop Control
  • Process Control

MHR is delighted to work with you to help solve any flow meter problems or application upgrades you want. With our extensive knowledge of the VSE Precision Flow Meters product line, competitive pricing and the versatility VSE offers, we’re best equipped to help with almost any application problem. Our thorough understanding of your application and its requirements is a prerequisite in making sure we accomplish your objective. Whether MHR works with you on your next machine upgrade, or just assists with replacing pre-existing units we’re here to help you. With today’s high cost of chemicals and waste disposal, we’re finding many customers are interested in saving money by converting their system from a open-loop (wet calibration) system, to a closed-loop system which includes flow meter output signals that communicate with your PLC and automatically adjusts the speed of your motor(s) to insure metering accuracy.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.