Rotary Power Chemical Metering Pumps



The IDEAL Metering Pump for Today’s Foam Manufacturers

MHR Incorporated has introduced three new Rotary Power chemical metering pumps for use in the polyurethane foam manufacturing industry: C04, C07, C20. No more converted hydraulic pumps. Only top-notch chemical metering pumps that are designed specifically for polyurethane foam.


In order to better meet today’s environmental standards and improve productivity, MHR has significantly improved our range of high-pressure chemical metering pumps. These improvements overcome the process problems associated with the environmentally-friendly blowing agents that are increasingly being introduced.

For example, the environmental hazards associated with vaporized isocyanate have resulted in the development of a special double shaft seal arrangement to provide an effective, reliable and serviceable seal.

Although the main internal components remain the same, the bodies have been redesigned to make them more useful for the foam industry. These changes will handle the elevated pressure and limited temperatures that the new blowing agents must demand.