Mannesmann Rexroth Chemical Metering Pumps



Variable Axial Piston Pump, Design Model A2VK for Pumping Plastic Polyurethane Compounds

Mannesmann Rexroth Chemical Metering Pumps are specifically designed for precise metering control of high-viscosity chemicals, polymers and iso-cyanatas. The bent axis A2VK offers these important advantages:

  • Precise metering accuracy and repeatability for varying displacements
  • Manual adjustment via handwheel with built-in-precision measuring scale or alternatively mechanical (push-pull) rod control, for mounting pneumatic or hydraulic control cylinders for remote control
  • Operating pressure up to 3600 PSI (250 bar)
  • Low suction pressure, even when pumping highly viscous fluids
  • Very little flow pulsation
  • Compatibility of pump materials with compounds to be pumped (Polyol, Isocyanate) through the use of specially matched materials and special seals
  • Quiet operation
  • Double shaft seal option, which allows the flushing of neutralizer between seals for long seal life
  • Optimum volumetric efficiency
  • Fixed displacement models are available for special applications. Contact MHR for more information.
  • Learn about Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Functions

Download the Rexroth Chemical Metering Pump general assembly instructions in PDF format.