MHR offers Rotary Power and Rexroth Chemical Metering pumps and parts and service for use in the polyurethane foam manufacturing industry. These chemical pumps are suitable for uses on all types of polyol blends and all types of Isocyanates. Whether it’s replacing an existing unit on your metering system, or re-engineering an existing metering system to accommodate your new plans – let MHR’s experienced staff help you in the pump selection process.

MHR also offers a variety of displacement sizes from 2cc/rev. to 107 cc/rev., fixed displacement or variable displacement for use with variable frequency drive motors. For extended life of shaft seals, MHR offers an Engineered Solution to extend the life of your seals by providing the best alignment possible with our bell housings.

Precicise chemical flow and pressure are critical to accurate metering. To meet your needs MHR offers MH04 Chemical Metering Pump, MH07 Chemical Metering Pump, and MH20 Chemical Metering Pump.

MHR also offers Magnetic Drive Couplers to completely eliminate shaft seal failures.

Contact MHR, Inc. for information and selection of chemical metering pumps.

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