Precision Chemical flow and pressure for your small part polyurethane metering needs.

Product Outline Specification - 6 cc/rev Chemical Metering Pump
Feature Units Value
Max capacity cc/rev 6
Min capacity cc/rev 0.6
Max outlet pressure TDI 210 bar
Max outlet pressure MDI, POLYOL 250 bar
Min outlet pressure 2 bar
Max inlet pressure 20 bar
Min inlet pressure bar atmospheric
Max Speed rev/min 1800
Min Speed rev/min 100
Max viscosity cSt. 200
Min viscosity cSt. 1
Fluid cleanliness Polyol ISO 18/13
Fluid cleanliness isocyanate ISP 13/10
Change in flow rate with respect to outlet pressure, fluid; Diesel %10bar 2
Max temperature 80°C / 176°F
Min temperature 10°-50°C / 50°-122°F


  1. Main Case modified from MH07 casting to accommodate new rotating group
  2. All parts as MH07
  3. End case as per MH07 modified internally to suit if required
  4. Both the above cases to be Tuftrided as standard for corrosion resistance
  5. Loose port plate
  6. Control: FA,MB,and MD
  7. Shaft sealing as MH07 standard and options I.E.
    • Twin flap seals STANDARD
    • Twin PTFE, lip seals option
    • Mechanical seal option
    • Permanent magnet drive coupling option
    • No seal fitted option
  8. Optional outlet port relief valve block, as MH07 spec
  9. Improved dial indicator bracket