For applications involving corrosive chemicals or extreme temperatures. These actuators are designed with the MHR spool valve in mind. They allow the MHR valve and actuator to be directly mounted together eliminating any side load pressure on the spool valve, allowing the valve and actuator to work as one unit.

bro2SOLID Carbide Abrasive Resistant Ball Valves
MHR distributes High Pressure Solid Carbide ball valves specifically designed for filled chemicals i.e. Polyol, Nylons, Polyester and Vinyl Ester. The solid tungsten carbide balls and seats are precision ground and micro-finished for guaranteed leak proof sealing. Designed for operating pressures up to 10,000 psi. Ball valves are available in either 1-1/4″ NPT or 1-1/2″ NPT connections. All new ball valves come with a full one-year unconditional warranty.

valveChemical Spool Valves for Non-Abrasive Applications
The MHR Chemical Spool Valve is an “Open-Closed” valve for Non-Abrasive applications and is available in a 16 cubic millimeter (approximately ¾ inch) diameter. Our MHR Chemical Valves have been engineered to provide years of trouble and leak-free service. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, these valves have been precision machined to provide absolute minimal downtime due to either seal failure or metal fatigue. With the optional Pneumatic Actuator that is capable of sending a position signal back to the PLC, you’ll always know whether your valve is open or closed – plus it comes with a visual indicator for additional reassurance. The valve has 2 – 4 bolt flanges on either side that allows for an easy installation or removal. The flanges will be threaded with whatever thread type you request, or whatever thread type is common throughout your plant.